I'm Sergio Martin Rubio

Hi I am Sergio! :wave: I am a Software Engineer who specializes in scalable :cloud: and high performance :rocket: web applications. The Java ecosystem is my area of expertise but I enjoy diving into new territories. I believe in writing clean, modular code :sparkles:. I am regularly blogging about technology :book: I would be glad to help you! :grinning: Contact me any time :envelope:

My Expertise:

Java 8+
Spring Framework
Data structures
Databases (SQL/NoSQL)
Cloud Computing

My expertise covers a wide range of technologies like Java 8+, Spring Boot, Kubernetes, AWS, MySQL, Jenkins, Git, Splunk and many others. I have also experience on architecture design of distributed systems and following the best microservices practices. Finally, agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban) are also part of my skill set.

Projects I've Worked on:

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Articles I've Written:

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I started this blog to be a better software engineer and keep up to date with the latest practices and technologies. :neckbeard:

I started learning Java in 2017 and I read many amazing books :books: at the beginning, like Effective Java, Java 8 in Action, TCP/IP sockets in Java..., but after a year I realized that I had not spent my time wisely :disappointed: because I simply read these books without any further practice. This is when I decided to have my personal tech blog where I can materialize the content I learn outside of work. :bulb: :smiley:


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Sergio for the past year. Sergio is one of the best teammates that you can find, as he always find time to do what is necessary and do it right. Sergio always takes feedback on board as well and contributes to discussions constructively, which really helped us grow the engineering culture in our team. It's going to be difficult for us to find another Sergio!

Hanson Chow

“Smiling learner” that’s what comes to my mind when I think about Sergio. Sergio reported to me during my time at Gamesys as a software engineer and he demonstrated to be a brilliant team player and a very capable engineer. He tackles the hardest problems and gives always 110%. I would recommend Sergio as an excellent software engineer to any company.

Antonio Masucci